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Part to CAD Comparison

Get a fast and accurate part to CAD comparison

Save time and make decisions fast with a part to CAD comparison overlay scans. With industrial CT scanning, we provide a fast and accurate 3D visual comparison of a part to its original CAD model. Within hours, we create a color-coded 3D overlay image that provides data on the part’s overall dimensional accuracy deviation from the CAD model. Ideal for inspection of injection molded parts, a part-to-CAD overlay comparison can quickly determine which process yields parts closest to the intended design.

How it works:

Parts are scanned and a 3D data point cloud is created. The part data is virtually overlaid with the CAD model based on a single alignment. The alignment is virtually set and can be changed at any time to suit your needs. A color chart on the right side of the viewer indicates that green is nominal, red/pink is extra material or warp in the positive direction, and blue/purple is less material or warp in the negative direction. See the example in the video!

What you will receive: Scan data, viewing software, software instruction manual.

Part comparison
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computer visualization of product and measurements by cmm commercial scanning

CT Scanning Capabilities:

All objects must be within a 5" diameter, and up to 15" in height.

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