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Part to Part Comparison

Get a fast and accurate visual comparison (product comparison) between 2 seemingly identical parts.

With industrial CT scanning, parts are compared with each other faster and easier than ever. With the part to part comparison service (product comparison), we identify differences and dimensional deviations between two seemingly identical parts with high accuracy. In a matter of hours, you can compare a master part to production parts, pinpoint lot-to-lot or tool-to-tool consistency and troubleshoot issues.

How Part to Part Comparison works:

2 parts are scanned, with 1 part serving as the master or “golden part”. The master part is then virtually overlaid with the second part being inspected and a scan data viewer allows you to take measurements and to see differences between the 2 parts through color-coding. See the example in the video!

What you will receive:

Scan data, viewing software, software instruction manual.

Part comparison

computer visualization of product and measurements by cmm commercial scanning

CT Scanning Capabilities:

All objects must be within a 5" diameter, and up to 15" in height.

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