Metrology 3d scanner

CPK / GR&R Inspections


Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility (Gage R&R) inspections are an equally a critical component in the validation of traditional metrology equipment and measurements for examination. Above all, the primary point of a GR&R is to determine if the inspection instrument and the individual inspectors performing the measurements can obtain data accurately and efficiently in future analyses.

How it Works

Using Minitab software, 3D ProScan will calculate the Gage R&R values for each measurement and piece of equipment or tool across the entire inspection. Typically a Gage R&R consists of 3 Trials of 3 Operators of 10 parts, totaling 90 inspected pieces (10 Parts x 3 Trials x 3 Operators), but we can accommodate your companies exact needs.  If needed, for instance, the total number of parts, inspectors, and trials can be changed to your specifications.

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